Cinema Automation(CA2.0)


The revolutionary Cinema Automation CA2.0 is the first-ever centralized solution to automatically manage content storage and playback, show scheduling, power supply and screening quality. It leverages machine intelligence to revolutionize cinema management for improved efficiency, enhanced reliability and reduced human intervention, contributed by the three breakthroughs:

Breakthrough 1

SCL Mk2 Series Centralized Storage Playback Solution

CA2.0 is built around the SCL Mk2 Series Centralized Storage Playback Solution and is supported by the SCL-1000 Mk2, SCL-2000 Mk2, SCL-3000 Mk2 or SCL-4000 Mk2 Centralized Playback Server. It offers a range of significant improvements over traditional methods.

SCL-1200 Series

SCL-1000 Mk2

SCL-2200 Series

SCL-2000 Mk2 · SCL-3000 Mk2 · SCL-4000 Mk2

Cinema Automation CA2.0


Cut in content
ingestion time *

Cinema Automation CA2.0


reliability **

Cinema Automation CA2.0


storage ***

Cinema Automation CA2.0


Movies in an
SCL-4000 Mk2 server

Cinema Automation CA2.0

Fail-Safe Design

Backup mechanism available to ensure every screening continues autonomously

Breakthrough 2

Automatic Content Management and Show Playlist Generation

Cinema Automation CA2.0 manages the content management workflow, and automates the complex and time-consuming procedure of manually generating and scheduling show playlists.

Cinema Automation CA2.0

Streamlined content

Cinema Automation CA2.0

Automated show

Cinema Automation CA2.0

Single-point show
programming through POS

Breakthrough 3

Intelligent Cinema Equipment Management

Cinema Automation CA2.0 intelligently manages equipment power supply and assures standard screening quality automatically by smart testing and analysis.

Cinema Automation CA2.0

Intelligent power supply

Cinema Automation CA2.0

Automated quality assurance
of screening

Remote Access – TmsAware™ App

Now, you can monitor cinema operations in real-time remotely. Click to learn more about TmsAware™ App.

Cinema Automation CA2.0


The comparisons are based on the operation in a 30-screen theatre complex. Your results may vary depending on the number of screens and operating conditions.

* Between an approximate total of 900 minutes to ingest a movie to all 30 screens and a one-time ingest of around 30 minutes to an SCL-4000 Mk2 server.

** Between the usage of traditional systems with up to 30 local storage devices and the usage of an SCL-4000 Mk2 server for all 30 screens.

*** Between a storage device with 2TB capacity and an SCL-4000 Mk2 server with 204TB capacity.


Cinema Automation CA2.0
Cinema Automation CA2.0
Cinema Automation CA2.0