ACS-2800 Automation Control System

Automation Control System

An efficient, user-friendly automation product for digital cinema screening


The GDC ACS-2800 is an automation product specially designed for digital cinemas to help exhibitors to achieve automatic control of their screening equipment with maximum e­fficiency.

Key Benefits

Rack-mount Structure

The integrated aluminum alloy structure makes it light in weight and stable for placing. It replaces the traditional wall-mount design for easy in installation and also saving the room space. This is ideal for savvy users who prefer compact booth or even boothless projection.

Pluggable Wiring Design

Pluggable wiring connectors replace the traditional terminal block, which simplifies the procedure of installation and replacement. It brings high effi­ciency on theatre operation.

Multiple Options of Control

This device can be controlled in multiple ways. GPIO and network port allow the control from other integrated system through programmable control instruction. The control buttons with LED lights on the front panel allow for manual control at any time.

Integrated Dimmer (Optional)

This ACS-2800 offers optional dimming control module, which is recommended for new theatres or theatres without dimmers. The optionally integrated digital sine-wave dimmer brings excellent performance without interference and noise to the electric circuit especially to the audio equipment.

Easy for Integration

This ACS-2800 comes with device management software and network control protocols for integration with 3rd party systems. The control command is simple and for minimal effort on programming.


Dimensions482(W) x 158(D) x 88.8(H) mm
Operating Temperature0°C to 45°C
Operating Humidity20% to 90%, non-condensing
Operating Altitude2,000m
Power Requirement100 – 240V, 60/50Hz, 0.5A
Max Power Consumption30W
Control SoftwareACS Software
Network ProtocolUDP, TCP/IP
TypeRated voltageRated currentQuantity
Trigger Control0 – 240V0 – 10A7
Switch Control0 – 240V0 – 10A1
Front Panel Buttons 8
Button LED Indicator Support
GPIO Control Support
Network Control UDP, TCP

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