Using GDC's Advanced Technologies to Automate Sight and Sound Operations


Management or delegated staff turns on or off the power supply for cinema equipment (projectors, media servers, audio systems and luminance equipment) manually.


Digital cinema equipment is turned on and off automatically according to the pre-set schedules. Management can monitor the booth operations remotely with TmsAwareTMApp.

GDC’s CA2.0 smart cinema solution not only automates your playback process from the SCL Mk2 live-streaming library server to one or each auditorium’s diskless SR-1000 media server but also allows exhibitors to fully automate the booth operations with a one-stop-shop solution by bundling with GDC’s 4 automation products designed for:
  1. Power Management
  2. Quality Management
  3. Automation Control
  4. Audio Sequential Power Supply

One-stop-shop solution that can help reduce costs with automation and increase screening quality:

PMA-2000 is a power management device designed especially for theatre projection rooms. It provides intelligent power supply management for theatre equipment, giving exhibitors a completely automated solution to protect a wide range of projection equipment. Combined with GDC’s CA2.0 and Quality Management System, projection can be managed remotely, saving both time and money.

QMS-1000 Quality Management System is designed for cinema screening quality by monitoring and controlling lumens and color accuracy. It manages the quality of projection and audio by measuring and analyzing the luminance, chromaticity and sound pressure level.

ACS-2800L is an automation control system with dimming functionality specially designed for up to 16 digital cinema devices. It not only provides exhibitors with an efficient means of automatic control over their screening equipment, but also enables adjustment of smart lighting levels of brightness.

PCS-1000 Audio Sequential Power Supply System

PCS-1000 is used to supply power to the audio systems including audio processors and power amplifiers in a proper sequence, protecting equipment from surge damage and avoid sudden overload.

Customer Testimonials

china theatre

“After installing GDC’s CA2.0 automation system, we no longer manually power on and off the projection equipment, not to mention that the entire day of screenings in every screen is completely automated. The other key benefit of CA2.0 is its self-test of the projection equipment which takes only 5 minutes to obtain the QC results of the screening quality. CA2.0 is a highly automated system, it also provides our staff with a mobile phone APP to remotely monitor our cinema equipment. All in all, we are pleased with the decision to install CA2.0 which significantly improves our productivity and reduces our operation cost.” 

– Leo Yu, General Manager of China Film International Cinema Guangzhou and Shenzhen

SCL Mk2 Series centralized playback server wins another award

Since its introduction to the cinema industry, CA2.0 has been installed at over 150 locations consisting of 1,200 screens and recognized worldwide with numerous awards. We are proud to announce that GDC Technology was recognized as one of the “20 Most Promising Storage Solution Providers” in 2020 by CIO Review for its robust and powerful design modernizing the cinematic experience.

to learn how about the CA2.0 ONE STOP SHOP SOLUTION

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