Access More Immersive Audio Content with DTS:X™ supporting IAB

What is the IAB standard?

Currently, there are several immersive audio formats in the cinema market. It requires the major studios to mix and produce immersive sound effects with different production and transmission requirements for immersive audio-enabled theatres around the world. In this case, a movie would require multiple mixing processes, mastering, and hard disk copying, making the process not sustainable and inefficient.

Immersive Audio Bitstream (IAB) is the interoperable system that allows one mix – the IAB DCP – to playback in multiple immersive sound systems in movie theatres. The benefit of the IAB standard is that it makes for more efficient mixing and mastering, which in turn leads to quick and easier distribution. This will lead to exhibitors feeling more comfortable about installing immersive systems since they will have access to the hundreds of feature titles mixed and delivered in the new IAB immersive audio standard.


DTS:X™ supporting IAB standard

DTS:X supporting IAB complies with immersive audio standard ST 2098-2 IAB, as defined and published by SMPTE. Movies with immersive mixing can be played back in any auditorium featuring DTS:X supporting IAB. IAB for DTS:X will support high frame rate content (HFR).

SR-1000 standalone integrated media block DTS:X IAB audio capabilities

The SR-1000 DTS:X solution supports SMPTE’s ST 2098-2 immersive audio bitstream (IAB) standard delivering a single interoperable audio format for theatrical distribution.

SR-1000 IMB audio options

With its future-proof flexible architecture, the SR-1000 IMB offers several affordable options, including 4K, a built-in diskless CineCache™ 2TB and a built-in 5.1/7.1 cinema audio processor. In addition, there are two other optional upgrades: 

  1. a built-in 15.1 cinema audio processor is available to replace an external cinema processor for a DTS:X installation; and
  2. 16-/24-channel DTS:X decoding capability to feature DTS:X Immersive Audio Solution.

GDC unleashes DTS:X capability not only for SR-1000 IMB, but will also launch the IAB upgrade option for SX-4000 IMB and Espedeo Supra‐5000 RGB+ laser phosphor cinema projector, along with the LPU-1000 designed for Samsung Onyx Cinema LED Screens

Watch the video below or contact your GDC sales representative today to learn more about the benefits of installing DTS:X immersive audio. 

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