Network Operations Center NOC 2.0 Image

Network Operations Center
NOC 2.0

A comprehensive remote management solution for monitoring and maintaining digital cinema devices


GDC Technology’s NOC 2.0 software is the state-of-the-art solution for managing a network of digital cinema devices from a single access point. NOC 2.0 provides third-parties and exhibitors a tool to monitor devices, send maintenance notifications, send alerts to prevent a major problem and more, assuring optimum equipment health and minimum downtime from a remote location.

With this comprehensive solution, you can monitor playback, perform remote diagnostics and track repair status over the Internet or a private network through three modules.


Device Monitoring

From the main dashboard, you can preview the real-time monitoring of the network connections and operation statuses of various digital devices for one cinema to hundreds of complexes in a timely manner, checking the overall status of the equipment to ensure it is running smoothly. Device details or fault information can be viewed by clicking on a device’s name or data.

Automated Faults Ticketing

The fault and alert function enables the remote center’s support staff to receive alert information from the devices in a timely manner. Fault tickets are automatically generated for support staff to identify the issue, allowing them to provide details to resolve the issue before it becomes a major problem.

Log Report*

The log report function provides the center’s support staff with a convenient and fast way to query. It’s quick and easy to use different report buttons to generate and view various types of reports including playback record, fault, device information, lamp use time, and other reports to improve overall performance of the devices.

* Requires GDC CMS-3000 for “This Month Last Month” data feed.