Huaxia Film Initiates Strategic Partnerships to Speed Development and Screening of Advanced-Format Movies to Lead the Film Industry

Partnership upgrades the premium moviegoing experience with a projection system designed with technologies poised to change the future of filmmaking

(LAS VEGAS, April 3, 2019) Huaxia Film Distribution Co., Ltd. (Huaxia Film), a wellknown film distributor in China, today announced at CinemaCon 2019 that it will develop, leverage, and promote premium format movies driven by new, advanced configurations, specifically the Cinity Cinema System. Cinity will seamlessly combine related processes and technologies, (e.g. filming, postproduction, distribution, and projection) that are representative of advancedformat movies, to build a complete industry ecosystem for them.


To accomplish this, specific to the field of projection, Huaxia Film has entered into strategic partnership agreements with Christie Digital Systems Inc. (“Christie”) and Hong Kongbased GDC Technology Limited (“GDC”) to codevelop a projection system for advancedformat movies. This Cinity Cinema System is unique in being designed to project 120fps High Frame Rate (HFR) movies. It will also encompass current and emerging advanced cinema technologies, including 4K, 3D, High Dynamic Range (HDR for contrast ratios), Wide Color Gamut (WCG), and Immersive Sound.


Technology iteration vs. industry upgrading: advancedformat movies are an irresistible trend

From silent movies to the introduction of sound, blackandwhite movies to color and 35mm film to digital, each advancement in movie technologies accelerated the evolution and success of the industry. Upon completion from film to digitization across the world, movies are being further improved with modern, advanced technologies. The Cinity Cinema System from Huaxia Film will combine a variety of advanced technologies such as 4K, 3D, HFR, HDR, WCG, and Immersive Sound to deliver the highest specifications and best possible movie presentation in the movie projection era.


“The industry has made some successful efforts in shooting and postproduction of advancedformat movies, and developed some preliminary solutions,” said Fu Ruoqing, Chairman of Huaxia Film. “At present, technical challenges along the industry chain are mostly linked to projection. With the application of HFR and other technologies as the bottleneck. By entering into strategic partnerships with Christie and GDC Technology, Huaxia Film will work closely with them to remove this bottleneck and develop the Cinity Cinema System, thus driving innovation and upgrading of the advancedformat movie industry with technological breakthroughs in the field of projection. By combining art with technology, we will deliver more forms of artistic presentation to the shooting and production processes to improve movie production, create a differentiated and highend market, and keep movies alive and competitive.”


Leveraging high technologies to deliver an unprecedented movie-going experience

Each revolution in the film industry is aimed at improving the movieviewing experience. The Cinity Cinema System that incorporates a variety of modern high technologies will deliver clearer images, truer to realworld colors, smoother motions, more lifelike highspeed actions, more immersive sound, and therefore a more immersive movieviewing experience to the audience.

“For more than half a century, Christie’s business and technology innovations have led the industry, and with these announcements, we are proud to participate in the latest, seminal improvement to the film industry,” said Jack Kline, longtime Chairperson, CEO & President, Christie. “Christie will provide worldclass digital projection technologies and services for the Cinity Cinema System, which will allow cinemas to show commercial movies in a seamless advanced format encompassing 4K, 3D, 120fps HFR, HDR, WCG, and Immersive Sound to deliver an unprecedented movieviewing experience, to the delight of global audiences.”


To facilitate the adoption of the Cinity Cinema System, Huaxia Film will create a Cinity Film Lab to combine filming, postproduction, and distribution of superior, immersive filmviewing experiences. The company will invite various organizations and famous filmmakers around the world to participate in the construction of the Lab as well as filmmaking. At CinemaCon, it has invited some internationally renowned film directors to serve as consultants for the Cinity Film Lab, who will help Huaxia to conduct various tests and research projects, aimed at developing talents for shooting and postproduction of advancedformat movies. In addition, the company is planning to invest in the production of advancedformat movies and support related organizations, as well as teams to deliver superior advancedformat movies that exemplify profound thoughts, exquisite arts, and sophisticated technologies, thus attracting more people to cinemas.


Opening a new channel for international cultural exchanges through advancedformat movies

Movies are not only a comprehensive form of artistic presentation that carry cultural connotations and values but also, and more importantly, a critical medium for cultural exchanges between different countries. Huaxia Film will start mass production of the Cinity Cinema System, and promote and run it throughout the world, to initiate and enhance these cultural overtures.


“GDC is committed to providing superior solutions for the global cinema chains,” said Dr. ManNang Chong, founder, chairman, and CEO of GDC Technology Limited. “By working with Huaxia Film and Christie, we will launch advancedformat movies, their technologies, and projection approach across the world to promote exchanges of these films between different regions and open a new channel for international cultural interactions and exchanges through these films. We are full of hope and expectations for this partnership.”


The Cinity Cinema System is expected to be launched in August 2019 with the first 100, dualprojection systems to be installed in cinemas across mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan, with additional systems to be installed worldwide later on.


About Huaxia Film Distribution Co., Ltd.

Founded on August 8, 2003, as a large film company covering the entire industry chain, Huaxia Film Distribution Co., Ltd. (Huaxia Film) is committed to operating its core business of film distribution and ancillary businesses of film development, cinema chain management, cinema development, screening supervision, and advertising, and developing new businesses such as international exchanges and cooperation and high technologies of film. In the meanwhile, the company keeps developing new distribution channels such as the campus cinema chain and alliance of art films.


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