Provide a one-stop solution for content safeguard

CLA-2000 Content Library Adapter is a highly reliable content backup solution that provides exhibitors with simplified theatre operation. CLA-2000 can be connected to Portable Storage or Enterprise Storage with or without Theatre Management System (TMS) which makes it applicable to all kinds of theatre scenarios.

Unique Features

Applicable to Various TMS Platforms
CLA-2000 is applicable to various TMS platforms like Windows, Linux which provides easy connection between backup storage and TMS. Content can be either ingested to TMS library and backup storage simultaneously or just be selectively transferred from TMS library to backup storage (see Figure 1).

Figure 1 System Configuration for Theatres with TMS

Easy Content Transfer from CRU to Backup Storage
CLA-2000 allows content transfer for theatres without TMS and IMB. It enables content transfer between backup storage and CRU hard disk by using a standard OS computer control interface. The content can be replicated for backup purpose anytime without affecting normal screening (see Figure 2).

Figure 2 System Configuration for Theatres without using TMS - Content Transfer between CRU and Storage Device

Facilitate Content Transfer between Two Screen Storage Devices
CLA-2000 also allows theatres without TMS to transfer content from one screen storage device to another through Local Area Network (LAN) (see Figure 3).

Figure 3 System Configuration for Theatres without using TMS - Content Transfer between Storage Devices

Time and Labour Cost Saving
CLA-2000 enables content to be shared on the Local Area Network (LAN) of the theatre. The content can be transferred to multiple screens simultaneously without ingesting content manually from CRU to storage devices one by one, thus saving time and labor costs (see Figure 4).

Furthermore, CLA-2000 allows local and remote setup which can significantly increase efficiency.

Figure 4 System Configuration for Theatres without using TMS - Content Transfer from CRU to multiple screens

High Flexibility
CLA-2000 comes with 2 USB ports, 2 eSATA ports and 1 VGA port which provide the foundation for a flexible system configuration for multiple devices.

Minimize Downtime with Backup Storage
The backup storage connected to CLA-2000 can be used to replace a failed storage device quickly, thereby minimizing downtime.

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