An efficient, user-friendly automation product for digital cinema screening

The GDC ACS-2800L is an automation control system with dimming functionality specially designed for digital cinemas. It not only provides exhibitors with an efficient means of automatic control over their screening equipment, but also enables smart lighting brightness adjustment.

Key Benefits

Rack-mount Structure
The integrated aluminum alloy structure makes the ACS-2800L lightweight and stable. This compact rack-mount structure replaces the traditional wall-mount design for improved ease of installation, while also saving space. This is ideal for those who prefer centralized installation plans such as boothless projection.

Pluggable Wiring Design
Pluggable wiring connectors replace the traditional terminal block. This not only simplifies the installation process and makes it easier to connect new equipment, but also allows highly efficient replacement maintenance for your peace of mind.

Multifunctional Control Buttons
The control buttons on the front panel of the ACS-2800L allow for manual control at any time. Lighting brightness can be adjusted in two different ways by pressing or holding down the dimmer button. The brightness of the LED light in the button indicator is synchronized with the brightness of the theatre lighting.

Comprehensive Dimming Function
Flexibility: The dimming function of the ACS-2800L allows gradual lighting adjustment over periods of 0 to 60 seconds. Both button control and network control modes allow flexible adjustment of brightness levels from 0% (complete darkness) to 100% (full brightness).
No interference: Without higher harmonic interference with the theatre’s power grid, screening problems caused by circuit interference and the electrical hum are avoided.
Safety: The ACS-2800L’s integrated real-time monitoring function provides timely protection against problems such as short circuits, overloading and overheating, ensuring that the device continue to operate normally when issue arise. Meanwhile, the use of soft start and soft shutdown technology avoids the impart of current surge on lighting devices, prolonging their life span. The input voltage range of 85-240V and output voltage range of 0-240V avoid the problems of “shutdown failure” or “flickering lights”.