Dec 2010

GDC server installations worldwide broke 6500 mark

GDC is proud to announce it has successfully delivered more than 6500 digital cinema servers worldwide, serving customers with the highest quality digital cinema solutions.

Founded more than 11 years ago, GDC is the "oldest" digital cinema server manufacturer in the industry. "Having more than a decade's experience in this industry, coupled with the largest fleet of service engineers worldwide, allows us to develop the most useful digital cinema technology that not only fulfills, but exceeds our customers’ expectation," said Dr Man-Nang Chong, founder and CEO of GDC Technology.

Dec 2010

New GDC Building opened in Shenzhen, China with a state-of-the-art NOC

On top of its fast rising sales, GDC is expanding its presence in China with the launch of a new China headquarters next month. GDC has built the state-of-the-art Network Operations Center ("NOC") in Shenzhen, China to support and significantly expand its services. The NOC can support and monitor more than 10,000 digital cinema screens simultaneously, creating a nationwide network that allows GDC to continuously strengthen its industry knowledge and provide its customers the highest quality maintenance services.

New GDC Building in Shenzhen, China

Jun 2010

GDC Digital Cinema Servers upgrade with fully integrated with 3D receiver-decoder facilitate live 3D FIFA World Cup screening at Korea Lotte Cinemas

Soccer fans to watch the live 3D matches in 52 Korea Lotte cinemas

GDC servers were used by Korea Lotte Cinemas to broadcast live the FIFA World Cup match between Korea and Argentina in 3D to 52 of its cinemas on June 17th. Korean soccer fans who were unable to travel to South Africa were pleased to watch the FIFA 2010 match in 3D, thanks to Lotte Cinemas' live 3D broadcast using world's most widely adopted RealD 3D systems and GDC servers.

The match shown in Lotte's 52 cinemas with live 3D broadcast – the very first live 3D FIFA World Cup broadcast in Korea and also the world's first 3D FIFA World Cup broadcast, made possible using GDC’s SA-2100 series of servers. The existing GDC servers can be upgraded to include an integrated 3D receiver-decoder capability through a software upgrade and there is no need for any extra hardware whatsoever.

Equipment incorporated with GDC server at Lotte Hongdae Cinema for live 3D FIFA World Cup telecast.

Mar 2010

GDC unveils SX-2000 Series Digital Cinema Server at ShoWest 2010

GDC's new SX-2000 Series Digital Cinema Server with Integrated Meida Block (“IMB”) hits the show floor at the recent ShoWest 2010. The SX-2000 with IMB can be seamlessly integrated into Series 2 DLP Cinema® projectors. Designed based on Texas Instrument's Enhanced DLP Cinema® technology, the SX-2000 is future-proof capable of supporting both the current 2K and future 4K resolutions. GDC has once again been quick to respond to the technology shift in the evolving digital cinema industry and brought to its customers the best and latest in digital cinema technology.


Unique features of SX-2000 Series include:
- Support of Barco, Christie and NEC Series 2 Projectors
- Subtitle overlay support on server
- Automation compatibility
- Retention of all the attractive features of legacy SA-2100A Series

GDC's SX-2000 Series servers were also showcased with Series 2 DLP Cinema® Projectors at the booths of Barco, Christie and Strong, giving the attending delegates a “touch and feel” user experience with the latest state-of-the-art digital cinema solutions in the industry.

GDC server integrated with Barco DP2K C-Series DLP Cinema® Projector (left) and GDC Integrated Media Block (right) on display at Barco booth

GDC server was shown at Christie booth with its CP223D DLP Cinema® projector

GDC server with IMB was integrated with NEC NC2000C DLP Cinema® projector at Strong booth with live screening

Mar 2010

GDC Delivers the World's First Installation of Digital Cinema Servers with Series 2 DLP Cinema® Projectors

GDC Technology is glad to introduce the new “S2 Upgrade” for all SA-2100 Digital Cinema Servers, the first digital cinema servers to be commercially deployed with the new generation of Series 2 DLP Cinema® projector. The S2 upgraded servers provide integration with the new security features built inside the Series 2 projectors and supplies real-time subtitle rendering for the Series 2 projectors which currently rely on digital cinema server to provide subtitle images.

The S2 upgraded SA-2100 servers are designed to meet all Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) specifications and provide an upgrade path to 4K digital cinema with the lowest cost of ownership and practically no disruption to the existing digital cinema installations with both legacy and Series 2 DLP Cinema® projectors.

New “S2 Upgrade” for SA-2100 Digital Cinema Servers

Jan 2010

GDC Technology Received ISO9001:2000 Certification

Cert. No. CN09/32221

GDC Technology is pleased to announce that our Hong Kong facility has received ISO9001:2000 certification. This is a validation that our quality management system meets the high standard of quality demanded by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).