Dec 2009

GDC Technology unveils new integrated media block at CineAsia 2009

GDC Technology made a strong presence in CineAsia 2009 this year showcasing an impressive array of products, one of which was the new Integrated Media Block (IMB). The IMB can be seamlessly integrated into Barco’s cinema projectors and as a result, customers can now enjoy a digital projection solution that is both compact and future-proof based on Texas Instruments' Enhanced DLP Cinema® technology.

Also showcased at CineAsia 2009 was GDC’s flag-ship product, the best-selling SA-2100A digital cinema server, which had undergone a major upgrade with many new features added in. Another product on display was GDC’s TMS-1000 Theatre Management System, a powerful tool that provides cinema operators a convenient single-point control for their entire Cineplex.

GDC booth at CineAsia 2009 showcasing a
comprehensive range of digital cinema products

Upgraded SA-2100A server with exciting new features such as :

  • Multi-lingual user interface
  • Support of Performance Log (in a format compliant to SMPTE standard)
  • Automation Compatibility which allows bi-directional communication with theatre devices

GDC Integrated Media Block seamlessly integrated
with Barco DLP Cinema® Series II projector

Dr. Man-Nang CHONG, founder and CEO of GDC Technology, delivering a speech at the Final Night Banquet and Awards Ceremony at CineAsia 2009
(GDC was the proud sponsor of the banquet)
Nov 2009

GDC server installation breaks the 2000 unit mark

With the pace of cinemas going digital gaining momentum, GDC is elated to announce that its number of digital cinema server installations worldwide has surpassed the 2000 unit mark. Over the years, GDC’s effort in providing high-quality digital cinema solutions to its customers has been well received and it has firmly established itself as the market leader in Asia with more than 70% market share. Currently, GDC is fast expanding into Taiwan and also steadily making inroads into new territories such as Australia, Japan, Mexico, Russia, United Kingdoms and USA. With more exhibitors ready to embrace the digital conversion, GDC is seeing more installations coming its way.

"Crossing the 2000 unit mark is a milestone for GDC and we owe it to the continued support of our customers and dedication of GDC staff" said Dr Man-Nang CHONG, founder and CEO of GDC Technology, "Having signed VPF agreements with 5 major studios and being selected in various VPF sponsored deployment in the US, Korea and Hong Kong, GDC is fully committed to continue developing the best and affordable digital cinema products to the industry." Dr CHONG added.

Apr 2009

GDC clinches its first major deal in the US– to install 99 servers into Premiere Cinemas

GDC is pleased to announce that it has won a major deployment contract in the US. The project will see the deployment of 99 servers into seven Premiere Cinemas from Texas to Florida.

The deal was finally struck after months of rigorous testing carried out on seven GDC servers in Premiere Cinemas, Orlando since October 2008. All seven GDC servers came through with flying colors, passing all operational tests without a hitch.

The deal was a significant breakthrough for GDC as it was the very first deal clinched by GDC in Cinedigm’s deployment in the US market. It also signifies that GDC products have finally won recognition and acceptance by exhibitors in the US.

(picture from
Mar 2009

GDC makes a strong presence at ShoWest 2009 with its all-round digital cinema solution, product display and screening demonstrations

GDC Technology attends ShoWest 2009 this year with a strong line of product offerings which includes an enhanced version of its best-selling digital cinema server, the SA-2100A, as well as its Theatre Management System, the TMS-1000. Together with its other products for post production, cinema digital signage, and integrated projection etc., GDC is capable of offering exhibitors an all-round digital cinema solution that is unmatched in the industry.

Given below is a summary of the highlights of GDC’s participation at ShoWest 2009:

Introducing the new enhanced SA-2100A

GDC’s highly acclaimed SA-2100A digital cinema server, following its debut at ShowEast 2008, has come to ShoWest 2009 with a multitude of new features added.

As GDC’s 4th generation digital cinema server, the SA-2100A has been designed to fully comply with DCI specifications and FIPS-140 security requirements. To stay ahead of the competition, a slew of enhancements have been made to the SA-2100A; these include:

  • instant playback from CRU drive sleds

    allows for instant playback from the CRU drive sleds without requiring content ingest;
  • instant playback from TMS Library

    allows for instant playback from the TMS content library;
  • incorporation of RealD's 3D EQ ghostbusting technology

    allows for superior 3D presentations and facilities seamless integration with RealD 3D exhibition system;
  • closed captioning support

    facilitates greater access to motion pictures by displaying closed captions from DCPs on WGBH’s Rear Window Captioning devices; and
  • swapping of data drives for immediate playback

    makes it possible to move a movie quickly from one screen to another.

First appearance of the TMS-1000 Theatre Management System

The TMS-1000 Theatre Management System is making its first appearance at ShoWest 2009 after an impressive debut at CineAsia 2008. It is a powerful tool that allows users to automate and streamline the operations of an entire Cineplex from a centralized point of control.

GDC’s SA-2100A Digital Cinema Server and TMS-1000 Theatre Management System on display at ShoWest 2009

GDC booth at ShoWest 2009

Product display & screening demonstrations

Delegates to ShoWest 2009 were given the opportunity to witness in close range GDC’s latest products in action. GDC servers were showcased at the booths of Barco, Christie and Strong with DLP Cinema® projectors. GDC servers were also presented at booths of major US digital cinema resellers, ACE (American Cinema Equipment) and UCS (Universal Cinema Services).

GDC server was integrated with Barco DP-2000 2K DLP Cinema® projector with closed captioning demonstration at Barco booth.

GDC server was integrated with NEC NC1600C DLP Cinema® projector at Strong booth with live screening.

GDC server was shown at Christie booth with its CP2000-M 0.98" DLP Cinema® projector.

GDC server was showcased at UCS booth.

GDC was proud to sponsor the Luncheon and Special Digital Cinema Program hosted by GDC Technology, NEC and Strong at ShoWest 2009. Dr. Man-Nang CHONG, founder and CEO of GDC Technology, was accepting the sponsorship award at the luncheon.