Dec 2008

GDC’s exciting product range creates a buzz at CineAsia 2008

GDC Technology captured the undivided attention of the audiences at CineAsia 2008 as we demonstrated how our interoperable products are able to function seamlessly together as an integrated digital cinema solution. On show were the SA-2100A Digital Cinema Server and the SDM-4000 Display Maestro, the two mainstays of the GDC product line. Also on display was the new Screen Management System (SMS) utility that allows users to control a single digital cinema server from a remote computer and even an iPhone. However, the highlight of the booth was undoubtedly the new TMS-1000 Theatre Management System – a powerful tool that now enables cinema owners a centralized point of control for all the digital equipment in a Cineplex.

Our servers were featured at the Barco, Christie, NEC/Strong International and Panasonic during the exhibition. In the process, GDC Technology had the opportunity to collaborate with both RealD and Xpand to screen presentations consisting footage from upcoming 3D releases.

Dr. Man-Nang CHONG, our CEO and founder, was also on hand to deliver a riveting speech during the ICTA seminar to expound on GDC Technology’s new offerings at the exhibition.

The SA-2100A Digital Cinema Server, Screen Management System and TMS-1000 Theatre Management System
On intgrating with the Vista Ticketing System, the SDM-4000 Display Maestro is now able to display movie schedules and seating information in addition to advertisements and trailers

Dr. Man-Nang CHONG addresses a captivated audience
at the ICTA seminar
Oct 2008

GDC Technology’s SDM-4000 lights up Panasonic Display Solutions Trade Show 2008

Following our successful showcase at the Panasonic booth during Broadcast Asia 2008, GDC Technology’s SDM-4000 Display Maestro Server was chosen for an encore performance at the Panasonic Display Solutions Trade Show 2008. As before, the SDM-4000 was used to channel engaging HD contents to three units of 103” Panasonic plasma screens, making it possible for the three screens to be operated interchangeably as individual displays or as an integrated video wall. This event provided an ideal opportunity to simultaneously demonstrate the flexibility of the SDM-4000 and the display capabilities of the 103” plasma screens.

GDC's SDM-4000 Display Maestro powers the Panasonic
plasmas to put on a dazzling show
Oct 2008

GDC Technology’s new SA-2100A Digital Cinema Server premieres at ShowEast 2008

GDC Technology’s new SA-2100A Digital Cinema Server made its debut at ShowEast 2008, working together with Barco’s projector to treat guests to a dazzling screening of movie trailers at the Barco booth. The SA-2100A is GDC’s fourth generation digital cinema playback servers designed to fully comply with DCI specifications and FIPS-140 security requirements. It also had the honor of being showcased at the Christie and Strong booths during the exhibition.

GDC’s SA-2100A exhibited at the Barco, Christie and Strong booths respectively
Aug 2008

GDC Technology Received ISO9001:2000 Certification

GDC Technology is pleased to announce that our Shenzhen facility has received ISO9001:2000 certification. This is validation that our quality management system meets the high standard of quality demanded by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Jun 2008

GDC Technology features world’s only True 3D™ server at CineExpo 2008

GDC Technology presented our DCI-2000 series Digital Cinema Integrated Projection System at CineExpo 2008. GDC’s SA-2100 DSR™ digital film server was coupled with Barco’s projector to screen a string of eye-catching movie trailers at the Barco booth during the exhibition. Also on display at the showcase was our dual projection system for 3D screening, featuring GDC’s True 3D™ server.

GDC’s DCI-2000 series on display at
the Barco’s booth

Barco’s DP 3000 projector powered by GDC’s SA-2100 DSR™ digital film server

The dual projection system for 3D screenings
Jun 2008

GDC Technology's DSR™ Display Maestro SDM-4000 powers one of the world's largest plasma screens at Broadcast Asia

GDC Technology showcased our DSR™ Display Maestro SDM-4000 at the Panasonic booth (Hall 8, 8H3-01) during Broadcast Asia 2008, using it to drive HD contents to three units of 103” Panasonic plasma screens. Powered by the SDM-4000, the three plasma screens were able to function separately as individual displays and together as an integrated video wall. The Playback options also included independent and simultaneous video playback.

Panasonic plasmas driven by GDC’s DSR™ Display Maestro SDM-4000
Jun 2008

GDC Technology conducts trial 3D screening in Toronto

GDC coupled our SA-2100 DSR™ Digital Film Server with RealD’s systems to perform a trial 3D screening of four demo clips at the SilverCity Cineplex in Yorkdale Shopping Centre, Toronto. These clips were taken from the movies “Fly me to the moon”, “Journey 3D”, “Kung Fu Panda” and a U2 concert. The clips were played on the same screen using the Christie CP2000S first and the NEC NC1600C afterwards, allowing the audience to compare the picture resolution and brightness of the two projectors. More importantly, GDC gained a valuable opportunity to work with technologies from RealD, Christie and NEC.

SilverCity Cineplex lobby

Screening of clips using the Christie CP2000S

Screening of clips using the NEC NC1600C
Mar 2008

GDC Technology unveils world’s first True 3D™ server at ShoWest 2008

GDC Technology (GDC) set a new benchmark in creating the first true 3D server in the digital cinema industry. Delivering an increased level of 5x brightness and 500x color information compared to existing single-projector-server systems, it is currently the only server in the market that can provide two streams of synchronized 12-bit 4:4:4 images. The server is also agnostic to 3D technologies, allowing it to support dual-projector and single-projector 3D systems. A small screening room was set up in GDC demo suite at ShoWest Palace 2 to bring this new 3D experience to the ShoWest delegates.

GDC demo suite at ShoWest 2008

The True 3D setup at the screening room

Digital signage displays are slowly replacing the traditional poster boards in the cinemas.  GDC showcased our latest solution for cinema signage and advertising in our demo suite. Our flagship multi-output HD player – the SDM-4000 DSR™ Display Maestro, was used to drive HD videos and images to the 6 x 50” and 1 x 103” Panasonic plasmas.

The 6 x 50” Panasonic plasmas driven by the GDC’s flagship multi-output HD player - the SDM-4000 DSR™ Display Maestro
The huge 103” Panasonic plasma at the entrance of the demo suite, also driven by the SDM-4000 DSR™ Display Maestro, catches the attention of the ShoWest delegates

GDC servers were also showcased at Barco and Christie booth.

GDC Technology sponsors the ShoWest 2008 International Day Breakfast
Bill Soady of GDC Technology receives the sponsor gift from Millard Ochs, President, Warner Bros. Int’l Cinemas.
Mar 2008

GDC Technology’s showcases state-of-the-art cinema signage solution at Hong Kong Filmart 2008

The four 47” digital displays at UME International Cineplex booth powered by GDC’s flagship multi-output HD player - SDM-4000 DSR™ Display Maestro

“UME is a premium exhibitor with top box-office grossing cinemas in China. We look for picture quality, reliability and ease of use for the in-foyer displays system for UME booth at Hong Kong Filmart 2008. UME decided to adopt GDC’s SDM-4000 DSR™ Display Maestro server because it matched our in-foyer display needs. Only one SDM4000 server was required to operate the four 47” LCDs round-the-clock throughout the exhibition. The images from the player were awesome and the server was easy to install and operate.”

Mr. Simon Chan, General Manager, UME International Cineplex