Dec 2005

GDC Technology complies with DCI standards

To answer the call of Digital Cinema Initiatives’ (DCI) public release, GDC Technology has presented its DCI-compliant solutions which include JPEG2000 codec and forensic marking provided by Thomson, to a large entourage of CineAsia delegates at Beijing’s Xin Dong An Cinema. The release pertained to the final overall system requirements and specifications (Digital Cinema System Specification V 1.0 announcement) for digital cinema.

Dec 2005

“The Promise” chooses GDC Technology

The "Digital Censor Key" solution from GDC Technology was used in the digital release of the Asia's most expensive production, "The Promise" in Singapore.

Nov 2005

GDC Technology debuts in Switzerland

GDC Technology mades its digital cinema debut in Switzerland with the installation of a DSR™ Digital Film Server at Metropol Cinema.

Nov 2005

GDC Technology launches DSR™ Network Operating Center

The DSR™ Network Operating Center (NOC) software was launched this month. As a powerful tool created to facilitate the management of servers and screens in different locations from one place, the NOC software helps to deliver content and information, create show playlists and schedules, monitor playback and perform remote diagnostics & upgrades on the servers over the internet or via private networks.

Oct 2005

Africa procures GDC Technology’s DSR™ Z Server

GDC Technology brought in our DSR™ Z Server to Nyali Cinemax, marking the first electronic cinema installation in Kenya, Africa.

Oct 2005

GDC Technology embarks on digital signage market trail

GDC Technology made another breakthrough in launching the innovative SDM4000 DSR™ Display Maestro Server, a move which is welcomed by the digital signage market. The SDM4000 DSR™ Display Maestro Server was designed and built to be as robust and reliable as the legendary D-Cinema SA1000 Server- a complete one-stop solution for dynamic digital signage, lobby display and video wall applications.

Oct 2005

Camelot Cinema selects GDC Technology for first digital cinema server installation

The installation of US Camelot Cinema’s first DSR™ Digital Cinema Server in its largest hall was completed on schedule for the digital premiere of "Chicken Little" on 3rd November.

Sep 2005

GDC Technology introduces ingenious “Digital Sensor Key”

GDC Technology launched the innovative "Digital Censor Key" feature that enables the repackaging of contents without altering the originally encoded contents. This is a solution of high promise for digital releases in countries that face strict censorship concerns.

Aug 2005

GDC Technology showcases its 3D expertise

In conjunction with BIRTV 2005, GDC Technology demonstrated its 3D capabilities at the Beijing Film Academy Digital Film Research Lab that was organized by the Beijing Film College on 27th August. The 3D demonstration was achieved using GDC Technology’s DSR™ servers and 3-chip DLP™ projectors. The audience used "passive" polarized spectacles to watch the images projected on the silver screen.

The Beijing Film College

GDC Server set up for 3D demo
Jun 2005

GDC Technology upgrades servers

In upgrading our DSR™ SA1000 Digital Film Servers, GDC Technology earned recognition as the first server company to truly utilize the field of MXF. The servers now support MXF while maintaining backward compatibility with GDC Technology's proprietary DSR™ format. This project is entitled “Cross-Continental Digital Content Transmission” or “CCTx” and was spearheaded by Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) and Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF) Digital Media Chapter (DMC).

Upgrades were carried out through satellite transmission, including the delivery of DCI StEM (Standard Evaluation Material) and a Hollywood feature film in MXF format from the US to digital cinemas in Singapore and Thailand.

Mar 2005

India’s Sathyam Cinemas joins digital bandwagon

Sathyam Cinemas has set up two screens, “Sathyam” and “Sree”, with the SA1000 DSR™ Digital Film Servers from GDC Technology, establishing itself as the first commercial digital cinema in India that will screen a digitally-made Hollywood feature film. “Star Wars Episode III” debuted on these screens at Sathyam Cinemas last May 19, 2005. Sathyam Cinemas, which comprises of 5 screen multiplexes, draws the highest number of movie buffs in the entire Chennai metropolis.

The Sathyam Cinemas hallway
Mar 2005

GDC Technology sponsors Hong Kong Entertainment Expo

GDC Technology was the exclusive sponsor in content delivery and display for Asia’s largest entertainment event, the Hong Kong Entertainment Expo. As the first mega entertainment event of its kind, the Hong Kong Entertainment Expo brings together concepts of film and TV programming, film financing, film festival, film awards, music and digital entertainment.

The Hongkong Entertainment Expo lobby
Mar 2005

DSR™ SA1000 Server becomes DCI MXF compliant

In response to the MPEG Interoperability Initiative that was introduced at ShoWest 2005, GDC’s DSR™ SA1000 server has now been configured to play the MXF packaged format.

Mar 2005

DSR™ EN1000 Encoder offers real-time encoding and flexible editing capabilities

GDC Technology’s DSR™ Digital Film Agile Encoder EN1000 serves as an ingenious encoding solution with real-time encoding capabilities. The encoder is also able to edit portions of various versions of the original MXF packaged content when preparing DCI MXF content. This gives it an added advantage of flexibility for distributors in countries that enforce strict censorship.