Digital Cinema Server (Discontinued)

The high-performance solution for Digital Cinema

The high-performance solution for Digital Cinema

The high-performance solution for Digital Cinema

The high-performance solution for Digital Cinema


GDC Technology is proud to introduce the SA-2100A Digital Cinema Server, our fourth generation digital cinema playback server designed to fully comply with DCI specifications and FIPS-140 Certified Media Block.

The SA-2100A is the advanced version of the highly successful model SA-2100, retaining all its features such as:

  • 2K/4K DCI MXF JPEG2000 playback
  • DCI MXF JPEG2000 3D playback
  • MPEG2 MXF Interop playback
  • CineLink II™ link encryption
  • CineCanvas™ image and subtitling management
  • FIPS-140 Certified Media Block
  • DCI approved forensic watermarking
  • HDTV live streaming/store-and-forward capabilities
  • Highly stable Linux-based operating system
  • Touch screen user interface
  • Ingest of Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs) via physical media, network and satellite

In addition, the SA-2100A offers increased storage capacity and flexibility with the following new features offered as standard.

    Unique Features
FIPS 140-2 Certified Media Block
The SA-2100A ships with a FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Certified Media Block providing the highest level of security recommended by DCI.

Closed Captioning Support
The SA-2100A facilitates greater access to motion pictures by displaying closed captions from DCPs on WGBH’s Rear Window Captioning devices.

Instant playback from CRU drive sleds
The SA-2100A allows for instant playback from the CRU drive sleds without requiring content ingest. This significantly reduces time to screening in emergency situations.

Instant playback from TMS Library
The SA-2100A allows for instant playback from the TMS content library to the server. This makes available huge amount of content storage for playback, providing flexibility for show management.

Swapping of data drives for immediate content playback
The SA-2100A allows instant transfer of data drives (i.e. HDD) between servers, making it possible to move a movie quickly from one screen to another.

Removable Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Sled
The SA-2100A comes with built-in support for a removable HDD sled that allows for high-speed ingest of DCPs via industry standard hot-pluggable HDD.

Redundant Hot Swappable 2TB Storage
The 2TB content storage of the SA-2100A uses 3 redundant hot swappable drives which can be easily attached or detached. The SA-2100A is able to remain operational in the event of a single drive failure and minimizes the downtime.

DVD-Rom Drive
An internal DVD-Rom drive has been integrated in the SA-2100A to cater for ingest of DCPs from DVDs.

Incorporation of RealD 3D EQ Technology
The availability of RealD’s 3D EQ ghostbusting technology in the SA-2100A allows for superior 3D presentations and facilitates seamless integration with RealD 3D exhibition systems.

Remote Access of the Screen Management System
The SA-2100A includes a CD-Rom with software for the remote access of its Screen Management System (SMS) from a Windows® PC and other mobile devices such as Apple®iPhone™.

    Optional Feature
Quad Link Option (SA-2100AQ)

The SA-2100A can also be upgraded to the SA-2100AQ which features four HD-SDI outputs. This option enables the SA-2100AQ to be used for:

Highest quality 3D playback with dual stream 12-bit 4:4:4 output images to two projectors simultaneously
Independent playback of two separate 2D content streams to two projectors simultaneously (Estimated availability: Q4 2009)
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