Your comprehensive solution for centralized cineplex management

The GDC Theatre Management System (TMS) is a powerful tool that offers users a centralized point of control for an entire cineplex. Optimization of your digital cinema system is made easy with the TMS, which allows you to automate and streamline your entire theatre operation.

Major Modules

User Security Manager

User accounts can be assigned to predefined groups (Super User, Show Manager and Projectionist) to restrict their TMS access privileges.

Content Manager

The Content Manager enables users to receive, log the arrival of, and validate the receipt of content via network or physical media. Content can be ingested from the central storage system and delivered to individual servers in the cineplex.

Data & Key Manager

Key Delivery Messages (KDMs) can be ingested into the TMS and distributed to the respective servers in the cineplex. This module also can be utilized as a tool for storing, filtering, and reviewing the servers’ system logs.

Show & Schedule Manager

Show Playlists and Show Schedules can be swiftly created in advance for daily or weekly use. Shows can be scheduled by importing data from a cineplex ticketing system.

Monitoring Manager

Users can keep a close watch on the connection and playback status of all servers in the cineplex. Server errors will be recorded and reported in the TMS interface.

Screen Control Manager

Authorized users can remotely control playback and execute projector and server automations throughout the cineplex.